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Exsil : My Current Project. Bass Heavy electro breakbeat.

My new album, out now.

13 Tracks of bass heavy electro breakbeat. Dark, dirty glitchy beats.

“sinister but somehow moreish, industrial filth, grimy, like an engine oil magnum” Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

“this will bend your mind, and make your heart beat so fast you might need CPR” Llewelyn Screen, ANR

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Falltider: Abrasive fractured rock, with heavy electronic breaks and instrumentation.

L G Marshall: The only time I have worked under my own name. Downtuned, dark, doom tinged shoe gaze.

Fear For Reason: An experimental post-rock 7″, collaborating with some of the most talented musicians it has been my pleasure to work with.


Underpass was the project I devoted 14 years of my life to, starting with several E.P’s of bass heavy electro, and glitched breakbeat, that found their place on the dancefloors and in the clubs, with support from DJ’s like Annie Mac, Bass Junkie, Steve Lemaq and others, before moving towards the downtempo electronica, that became the sound of the Underpass albums.

Underpass: Disorienteering (2009) Available on iTunes.

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Underpass: Submergence (2010) Available on iTunes.

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Underpass: Apophenia (2012) Available on iTunes.
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Adverse Camber: “Wreckage” L.P.

My tune “Vectors” was part of this awesome compilation, with artists like Psy Spy, Boep, Scheme Boy and many others.

Mutate Records: Mutations Volume 2.

Around the release of the Submergence album I was part of Mutate records, and was proud to be on this compilation, showcasing some of their artist roster.

Unique 3: Take This Love

As part of Mutate, I got the chance to remix tunes by Unique 3 and Silvershock

Boobytrap Records: A Step In The Left Direction

One of my first ever releases on a C.D. was thanks to Cardiff label Boobytrap, who included me as part of this compilation.

Free Downloads:

Underpass: The Infrastructure E.P. 2010

Not long after the second Underpass album came out, I found myself wanting to do something a bit more uptempo, and more like my earlier dancefloor orientated stuff. This E.P. was the result. I’ve put it here free to download as a zip file, with printable art.

Underpass: The Glitch Suite E.P. 2014


Around the time of the Apophenia L.P. I was playing a lot of live laptop sets, and craving some more up tempo and bass heavy tunes, so I began recording a pair of 4 Track E.P.s, one half of which was the Glitch Suite E.P. four tracks of dark and heavy breakbeat. Just click the link below to grab the Zip file!

Underpass Live: Evening Session on Radio One.

Bethan Elfin and Huw Stephens gave me my first shot at proper radio play when they invited me to perform an evening session on their Radio One show, and do a short interview. I was terrified, but they were really kind, it’s horrific how young I sound.

Listen here, or right click the link below the player to download.

D.J. Mix For Adam Walton, Radio Wales 29/11/09

For the launch of the first full Underpass album in 2009, the wonderful Adam Walton, long time champion of Welsh independent music gave me the opportunity to take over his show for a half hour D.J. mix, which was an absolute honour.

Comedown Sessions for NSB Radio.

From 2001-2009 I was lucky enough to be part of the NSB Radio station. It started off as an offshoot from a forum we all spent far too much of our time lurking around on, and went on to being a multi award winning internet radio station with DJs from every part of the globe providing 24/7 beats on demand.
My show started on Sunday Mornings as the Underpass Sunday Comedown Sessions, before moving to Saturdays. The community around the show was always amazing, and made my time there a pleasure.

Most of the shows are lost to the mists of time, but here are a few I managed to rescue.

Underpass: The Remixes. Free album Download.

Over 14 years I ended up doing quite a lot of remixes, some commissioned, some for competitions, some just for fun. I grabbed some of my favourites and compiled them together here.

Free Tunes from Soundcloud:

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